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Challenges of Fighting a Spinal Injury Case

How We Fight for Our Clients

To help our clients get the full compensation they deserve and need to cover their injuries across a lifetime, we work with multiple experts. This includes the treating physicians and surgeons, a life care planner who predicts what kind of medical care will be required in the future, and an economist who puts a number on it all.

In short, getting adequate compensation for spinal injuries can be a long and complex process, with the insurance company pushing back every step of the way. But here at the Ty Robinson Law Firm we do what it takes to get our clients the compensation they need to treat their injuries not just in the present, but the future, too.

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We build the strongest case possible with the help of experts so we’re in the best possible position when negotiating with the insurance company, but we’re also ready to litigate if that’s what it takes.

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