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Pursuing rightful compensation after a motorcycle accident in Myrtle Beach poses unique challenges for riders. Unlike car accidents, where protective vehicle structures offer safety, motorcycle riders in Myrtle Beach confront a higher risk of severe injuries or fatalities. The heightened severity of injuries naturally influences the compensation sought in Myrtle Beach's motorcycle accident cases. Additionally, pre-existing biases against motorcycle riders can complicate the legal process, impacting the overall compensation outcome. At Ty Robinson Law Firm, we specialize in supporting motorcycle accident victims, ensuring they receive the compensation they rightfully deserve. Connect with us today for expert advocacy.

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Challenges in Myrtle Beach Motorcycle Accident Claims

Insurance companies frequently employ strategies to assign blame to the motorcycle driver after an accident, intending to reduce their financial liability for damages. This may involve arguing that the motorcyclist violated traffic rules, was distracted, or neglected to wear a helmet, thereby contributing to the severity of injuries. This becomes especially relevant in South Carolina, which operates under a modified comparative negligence system. In such states, if an individual shares partial responsibility for an accident resulting in injury, the recoverable damages decrease proportionally. For example, if a motorcyclist is found 30% responsible, their compensation is reduced by 30%. Exceeding 51% responsibility eliminates any damages recovery. Engaging with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer is vital to safeguard your rights and interests.

Motorcycle accidents and drunk driving represent distinct but intersecting facets of traffic incidents. A motorcycle accident involves collisions with motorcycles, often causing injuries and damages due to various factors. Legal actions in such cases typically revolve around fault determination, pursuing compensation, and addressing insurance matters. On the other hand, drunk driving entails operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, heightening the risk of accidents and severe consequences. When motorcycle accidents involve drunk driving, the complexities intensify, leading to a higher likelihood of severe injuries and legal ramifications. Navigating the aftermath requires a knowledgeable Myrtle Beach drunk driving accident lawyer who can seeking compensation for the victims of these interconnected and often devastating events

Navigating Insurance After a Motorcycle Crash

Anti-motorcyclist bias within insurers adds a layer of complexity to negotiations. This bias may impact settlement discussions, as lawyers could be hesitant about court proceedings due to potential jury prejudice. Understanding this, insurance companies often propose modest settlements, leveraging the apprehension toward legal battles. Achieving rightful compensation for you and your loved ones demands strength, experience, and ample resources to effectively assert your claim.

What Steps Are Involved in the Claims Process for My Motorcycle Accident Case?

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Motorcycle Accident FAQs by Myrtle Beach Clients

Q.  Can I still file a Myrtle Beach motorcycle accident claim if the at-fault party fled the scene?

A.  Yes, you can file a claim with your own insurance company under the uninsured motorist coverage if you have it.

Q.  Can I pursue a Myrtle Beach motorcycle accident claim if the at-fault party was intoxicated?

A.  Yes, you can pursue a claim against an intoxicated driver. In fact, their intoxication may strengthen your case.

Q.  What steps should I take if the insurance company offers a quick settlement for my Myrtle Beach motorcycle accident?

A.  Be cautious. Consult with an attorney before accepting any settlement to ensure it adequately covers your damages.

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At Ty Robinson Law Firm, we steadfastly confront these challenges to secure our Myrtle Beach clients the comprehensive and fair compensation they rightly deserve. This involves an exhaustive investigation into the motorcycle accident, constructing a compelling case to bolster negotiations for an augmented settlement with the insurance company. In instances where reaching a favorable settlement becomes unfeasible, we are poised to litigate and navigate the complexities of court proceedings. Advocating for our clients is our primary obligation, and we fulfill it with unwavering commitment. Reach out to us now for legal assistance.

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