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The impact of wrongful death resonates deeply, especially when caused by another's negligence. In Summerville, Ty Robinson Law Firm acknowledges the emotional challenges families face. While a wrongful death claim can't erase the pain, it aims to secure compensation for the financial aftermath, allowing families to focus on healing.

In cases where a wrongful death results from a drunk driving incident, the emotional toll on victims' families is compounded by the egregious nature of the circumstances. Summerville drunk driver lawyers, with a balance of information and compassion, address the unique issues and problems associated with such cases. The irresponsibility of a drunk driver magnifies the impact of the tragedy. Families face not only the devastating loss of a loved one but also the knowledge that the incident was entirely preventable. Ty Robinson navigates the legal complexities, addressing issues such as proving liability, pursuing compensation for emotional distress and loss of support, and seeking punitive damages to hold the drunk driver accountable.

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Navigating Wrongful Death Challenges in Summerville

In Summerville, addressing the challenges of a wrongful death claim involves proving that the victim’s death resulted from another party’s negligence or misconduct. Assessing the potential for a wrongful death claim includes questioning whether, had the deceased survived, a personal injury lawsuit would be valid. If so, moving forward with a wrongful death claim may be justified.

Damages in a Summerville Wrongful Death Case

In the aftermath of a tragic accident, survivors may opt for a wrongful death claim, even if no criminal charges were filed against negligent parties. The overwhelming grief and numerous questions survivors face prompt the realization that, although no amount of money can undo the loss of a loved one, deserving compensation can be sought through a qualified attorney. In a wrongful death case, this compensation may cover funeral expenses, burial costs, lost earnings, medical expenses, grief, mental anguish, loss of companionship, and punitive damages to punish the responsible party for reckless conduct. Proving negligence and properly valuing damages under South Carolina law pose challenges. Ty Robinson Law Firm, with its Summerville personal injury attorneys, can help secure a full and fair settlement. We approach your case with the same diligence, compassion, and respect we would expect if it were one of our loved ones who passed.

The Ty Robinson Law Firm Wrongful Death Claims Process

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Wrongful Death FAQs by Summerville Clients

Q.  Can I settle a wrongful death claim out of court?

A.  Yes, many wrongful death cases are settled out of court through negotiations between the parties involved.

Q.  Can I file a wrongful death claim if the deceased was partially at fault for the accident?

A.  Summerville follows a modified comparative negligence system, and if the deceased was less than 51% at fault, a wrongful death claim can still be pursued.

Q.  What happens if the deceased had multiple survivors with conflicting interests?

A.  In such cases, the court may appoint a special administrator to represent the estate’s interests and resolve conflicts among survivors in the wrongful death claim process.

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Ty Robinson Law Firm is dedicated to constructing the strongest possible case for our clients in Summerville, with the aim of securing a full and fair settlement. While our first approach involves negotiation with insurance, we stand ready to litigate if required to obtain the rightful compensation our clients deserve and ensure justice prevails. If you’ve suffered the loss of a loved one in an accident you attribute to another party, call Ty Robinson Law Firm, and let’s initiate a discussion.

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